Mission Statement
To Design a better home that is easier and less expensive to build.

“Our Way of Doing Business”
It is our vision of leadership and success in our industry, as well as personal growth and pride that propels us toward the continual use and revision of a standard, ethical method of business practice. This list of values not only reflects the values of our company as a whole, but also those of each of our employees individually. It represents ideas from every level of the company and has the flexibility to expand with our company as new and better methods emerge. Every person in the company has the opportunity to give their advice and criticisms in the construction and maintenance of this guide. Therefore, every person in the company is expected to adhere to it completely. Although comprised of a collaboration of ideas none of them will be allowed to inhibit our vision. They will all promote customer satisfaction, and company profitability through productivity, friendliness, and honesty.

As a design firm we will not dictate to the builders who are using our plans any methods by which to run their business. Their profit and overhead is what they need to stay in business and we have no business calculating it for them.
2 Many of our repeat customers are builders and therefore will be treated with utmost respect and gratitude. We must make them feel at home in our offices so that they will be our best friends and work with us not for us.
3 We must strive to help our builders with their profitability by implementing waste-reducing, timesaving techniques into our designs and offering our expertise at no cost. We will also think of “ease of constructability” and the use of “modular dimensions” at all times during the design and consultation process.
Our “home owner” clients are valuable to our reputation and us as well, and must be treated with the same concern for their best interests. We shall offer them several innovative, money-saving ideas without sacrificing the overall flow, and beauty of their plans.
5 While in the presence of clients or fellow employees, everyone in the firm will display a pleasant attitude and repress negativism and discouragement.
Constructive criticism (confronting) should be given and received openly. Instead of saying, “why does he have to point out a better way,” say; “that was nice of him to teach me a time-saving method. Now I will be more efficient and earn a raise.”
7 Treat fellow employees with respect. Harassment will not be tolerated whether directly or behind someone’s back.
Keep personal business on personal time and company business on company time. I.e.: telephone calls, internet use, use of company resources, etc.
Continue to offer suggestions freely to each other and management to continually create a better working and business environment.
Any suggestions for additions and revisions to this standard will be ongoing and openly heard at our company meetings. Your advice is strongly encouraged and appreciated. Thank you.